Cultural-Traction-Technology- Apple vs Samsung


Apple vs Samsung: Frenemies at the Gate

Is the Next Big Thing already here?

It’s one thing to be a culturally vibrant brand in one part of the world. It’s another to radiate that vibrancy at high amplitude across the world. It means the brand has not only tapped into global shifts in values and attitudes, but also expressed itself and engaged people in ways that resonate culturally on a local level.


Dove soars clear of Nivea

Because you're beautiful, just the way you are…



Is Chanel out-styling Louis Vuitton?

Luxury never shouts, darling…


Booze brands are snoozing and losing

Time to reclaim the cultural conversation?


Premium Automotive

The race for a cleaner conscience

Why sacrifice pleasure to the new Gods of Green?


IKEA: The Best Loved Swede since ABBA

In at No4…the big blue and yellow box

Few would have predicted 4th place for the Swedish democratic design giant (€23billion+ annual sales!). OK so they cannot quite compete with the tech trail-blazers Apple and Google but would BMW, Audi or Nike expect to be behind them? We think not.


Is Coke still it?

100 years young and still the world’s fizziest drink

Cultural-Traction-Beverages- Coke


Target strikes cultural bull's-eye

When times are tough, a little fun always helps.

Against a backdrop of continued economic uncertainty, in which a retailer’s ability to deliver value for money to customers is increasingly important, the diverging stories of Target and Walmart illustrate how a company’s ability to be culturally relevant can help drive success.