2013 Report

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Tech titans, Google and Apple, dominate the global terrain with their VIBE. Google is more Inspiring and Exciting, Apple is more Visionary and Bold.  They’re joined by other industry innovators, Samsung, Microsoft, and eBay, as well as cars (BMW and Audi), beverages (Coca-cola), and retail (IKEA).

At the very heart of our top 10 brands is a belief in the freedom and opportunity to drive the human race forward. These brands inspire us to dream. They promote the art of clarity and simplicity. They use creativity to look at things differently. And just because they’re big, doesn’t mean they can’t get down with the street. How many brands can do this with such self-confidence and panache? Fewer than you’d imagine.

* All alcohol related questions were answered by respondents of legal drinking age in their respective countries.

Visionary Inspiring Bold Exciting
Male Female
16-34 35+
Leading Edge Mainstream

Brand VIBE

A brand’s VIBE score is a composite of four dimensions, statistically formed from dozens of attributes reflecting cultural impact and relevance.

VISIONARY: brands leading the way and getting our attention

INSPIRING: brands that have a point of view and stand for something I want to be a part of

BOLD: brands that have swagger with substance

EXCITING: brands that are disruptive and have momentum


Compare the differences in VIBE scores between men and women.


Compare the differences in VIBE between younger (under 35) and older (35+) consumers.

Leading Edge

Leading Edge consumers are those most likely to drive and adopt new trends. Compare the difference in VIBE scores between the Leading Edge and the mainstream.

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