Looking at culture through 9 fields

  • Gender &
    The Body

    Sex and sexuality. Senses and sensuality. All the physical experiences of the body.

  • Communities

    All of the ways people come together and connect, in places both real and virtual.

  • Wealth &

    How people make money and how they spend it. From macro-economics to the details of shopping baskets.

  • Health &

    The world of wellbeing - how we look after ourselves and strive to become healthier.

  • Home &

    The domestic life of the home, and the places - indoors and out - where people enjoy their leisure time.

  • Ethics

    The complex systems of ethics, belief and morality. How people go about doing the right thing.

  • Environment
    & Nature

    All aspects of the natural world and how we interact with our many environments.

  • Science &

    The cutting edge developments and progressions in science, engineering and technology

  • Creative Expression

    How people create and consume in the wide world of arts and design.

Why is culture so important?

Culture is the stuff of life. It's the world around us and what we do within it. It's what we eat, where we go, how we live. It's how we communicate. It gives meaning to the things we buy and the choices we make.

The best brands embrace this. They don't just react to the world, they interact with it and change it. They draw their meaning from culture as its shifts.

Why do we measure cultural vibrancy?

In the study, brands that scored well on cultural VIBE are the brands who credibly tap into cultural trends. The higher their VIBE score, the more these brands are connecting to the cultural zeitgeist. And if their Cultural Traction™ is trending down, it’s a cue that they could be losing that connection. A brand’s VIBE score and its Cultural Traction™ are leading indicators of a brand’s potential growth momentum.

So how can brands up their vibe?

Using the disciplines within Cultural Insight we monitor change within 9 cultural fields that remain constant over time. Each year we identify the key trends that will impact and evolve these fields and use them to inspire more culturally disruptive brand behaviour for clients.  We can determine where a category might evolve in the search for new positioning territories or innovation. We can offer the cultural fluency a brand needs to be ahead in culture.  Or better yet, play in role in crafting it.

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